Faze 3 Limited


We articulate a vision appropriate to the Global context. The Vision requires each of the Faze Three businesses to attain leadership of international competitiveness, whilst not forgetting it's obligation to the Indian Society.

The company will uphold it's values so as to remember that profit is a means rather than a end in itself. It will have unwavering commitment to integrity, ethical conduct and teamwork.

It will continue to identify vitality as a driving force by strengthening competitive capability, deepening consumer insights, breakthrough innovations in the product and process. The company will continuously increase its ability to rapidly absorb knowledge and harness technology along with leveraging market opportunity.

Faze Three is therefore committed to stay on course of a challenging strategic path and is willing to go the distance in its quest for enduring value for its shareholders.

Team Members

  • Ajay Anand

    Founder and Managing Director

    He is a Founder and Managing Director of the company.
  • Sanjay Anand

    Founder & Director

    He is a Founder & Director of the company. He heads Business developments and overall Operations of the company. He is based at Panipat.
  • Ankit Madhwani


    He is the CFO of the company and operates out of corporate office in Mumbai.
  • Vishnu Anand

    Associate V.P.

    He is the Associate Vice President looks after International Business development and Commercial negotiations. He operates out of Corporate office in Mumbai.


Established in 1985

Trading Company


Listing On Stock Exchange.


Joint Venture With German Multinational For Automotive Textiles &

Established Carpet Division.


Collaborative agreement with Whitley Willows &

Bathmat Manufacture and Dyeing Plant In Panipat. Installed Capacity of 8 mln. Pcs.


Fourth Plant For Weaving and Automated Cut & Swe Operation - Dapada.

Bathmat Manufacture and Dyeing Plant In Panipat. Installed Capacity of 8 mln. Pcs.


Weaving Plant Relocated from U.K. to Dapada Unit.


Established New Rubber Backed Bathmat Plant With 8 Million pc./yr.


Relocated from U.K. Increases Capacity To 16 Million pcs.